Imagine the incredible strength of an iron bar. Imagine the pleasing lightness of a fluffy pillow.
Imagine these two qualities coming together in a piece of wood. Welcome to the world of Farlite.

Farwood, one of the leaders in providing innovative solutions in wood for over two decades, now brings you a revolutionary product, Farlite. Featuring a breakthrough technology in the form of a honeycomb core, Farlite marks the beginning of a new era in eco-friendly furnishing.

The hexagon is a shape that’s found everywhere in nature, including the structure of the plant and animal cells. This amazing shape provides load bearing capacity like no other. Farlite, which derives its strength from a honeycomb core, is inspired from this basic shape from nature.

Farlite takes the unmatched load bearing properties of the honeycomb structure and applies it to its doors, panels and furniture. The honeycomb core has a stupendous resistance (4.5kg/cm sq.) as a result of its small cell structure. The number of applications of this phenomenal product is beyond imagination. The honeycomb core is fast becoming the most sought after solution for various sectors from all over the world where filling material is an essential part of production.